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Gervais Ouefio-Nambokinena 
vice President 
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Nous avions créé cette entreprise comme une plateforme pour aider les artisanes minières, les collecteurs de diamant et l'or pour qu’ils peuvent vendent leur produit aux Etats-Unis, Canada, ainsi que l'autre bout du monde, il suffit juste contacte nous vous repondérez à vos questions dans le plus bref délai.
L'honnêteté et l'intégrité sont notre valeur fondamentale, etoudiamond Business Corporation vous aidez à vendre votre diamant, votre or à un prix sûr et élevé que vous ne pouvez pas imaginer.

We manage and revolve your merchandised issues before you purchase your Rough Diamonds, Crude, Gold and Gemstones we will make sure you don't fall in hands of a scammer.


We provide Imports and Exports, Trade, Express Shipment Services, of diamonds, Diamonds, Gold and Gemstones, from A-B.  And, we can arrange for your mechanized to be transported in secure and protect to its destination with the option of expedited delivery. We prepare the necessary documents or monitor your merchandised, we utilize our own company contacts to prepare the most efficient methods possible.

Honesty, Integrity, experience and Client trust, is our goals, our value core is to provide superior, reliable services, business trip for consulting for diamond business is a major business.  Purchase and sale rough diamond and crude for small and large companies is about experience, times, energy and long-suffering.

Central African Republic diamond and gold are the best and excellent quality which highly sought-after world record.

The Central African Republic is second largest resources it accounts for about 45% of the country export. Fifth largest global diamond producer in some 20 countries.  The Central African Republic is official export around 500.000 carats each year.

The Central African Republic proceed huge of mineral and gemstones because its land is overflowing in resource minerals. Some of the minerals has not yet discovery it remains unknow.

There is no  any industrial exploitation in Central African Republic, because people are focus on artisanal exploitation which allow to use survival with. people live in a very deplorable situation, without access to medical care, and school.

etoudiamond is looking for investors who are interested in launching an industrial exploitation as well as for opening a large office bought with diamonds and gold. And, the Institute of Gemmolgy, cutting Diamond, and jewelry school. 

The Central African Republic need any store which people can buy materials and equipment. The Central African Republic is in a need national refinery of gold process.

Etoudiamond Business Corporation is able to provide you with good quality of Diamond for your business, we would be selected by the owner for its brilliance, sparkle and most of all, value. Offers proficiency, sale, and purchase of rough diamond, determined by criteria including the color clarity, weight and Carat and which is called by GIA (4Cs). Etoudiamond would be able to supply with a maximum quantity of one thousand carats up two thousand carats per month. 

Etoudiamond business corporation offers a service for the purchase of finished diamond, a customs procedure, customs clearance and much more. these Diamond were obtained directly from the mines, we offer unique service in our purchasing and sale department for marketing for a rough diamond.

The consultation on rough Diamond purchase process for customers required what type of material and equipment it also includes licensing or permit required from different countries.       

Edgard G. Toubissa
Cell: +1 612-458-1085


Etoudiamond Business Corporation, purchases legitimately Rough Diamonds, Crude Gold and Gemstones or Precious Stones directly from Countries in which they extracted in their own from secured sites from Central African Republic, Congo Kinshasa, and the Republic of Angola. We pull out carefully and examining the highest quality is selected for our customers or partners from the United-States, Hong-Kong, E.A.U Dubai, and Tel-Aviv Israel, to re-sale through the companies which are partners with us..

About us:

 Our Services:

Etoudiamond Business Corporation supply only its partners, such buyer, businesspeople, the companies and jewelry store which partner with us because they were our main invertor, we were working with a contract between us.


Our concomitant determined the regulation and the procedure to hold close by the end of the spear in the business in return. So, if you are interested to be one of our partners or investors. Please just fill up the form.



Who are we supply?:

Etoudiamond Business Corporation can provide you with a good quality of pure gold of 22k up 24k 100% crude (powder) or lingo (bar). We will take our time seriously to clean and wash well and remove all debris.  We personally melted or refined the gold and make with a bar and we certified with our seals we can be able to supply 10 kilos per month. The more asset the more merchandise so there is not limited to obtain how many quantities.

The gold business is a vitally important business especial when you are classified as a small miner with an investment of fewer, who does not use detonation, and big equipment. The higher the rate of extraction, the more likely be.

Diamond Business

Gold Business

Etoudiamond Business Corporation recherchez les artisans miniers, les collecteurs des diamant et l’Or ainsi que les coopératives minières pour travailler en collaboration pour long terme.

Etoudiamond Business Corporation sera en mesure de leur aide à vendre leurs marchandises avec les bons acheteurs qui sont prêt à payer a un bon prix plus double que le prix locale.

Quand vous joindrez à nous, vous bénéficierez d’un avantage comme une formation gratuit en Gemmologie, pour apprendre à connaitre le Diamant et L’or et comme réussir. Vous recevez également des matériel ou Equipment gratuit pour les lits d’évaluation et testeur pour le diamant et L’or.    

Les Minières Centrafricaine